To be happy by BrightOpticEyes (critique requested)

To be happy (critique requested)


6 September 2018 at 17:26:48 MDT

Happiness is so easy to lose and it get hard to keep ones head up, but sometimes we need to lose it so then we can think of the mindless things, it could be the possibility of when your older you can walk through a small town surround by the forests, going on a walk through them every so often, listening to the birds and bugs making music, enjoying a calm breeze and maybe even a little bit of thunder in the back, hearing trees and bushes rustle with the wind maybe even a stream near by, could even bring a friend along maybe even your best friend and go for a walk even play like kids even if you didn't grow up together, just going ahead and making child like memories, forgetting the past or reminiscing about it, the good and the bad, those who've hurt you, those who loved you. Play pirates with your friend or even spies any game you can think of, walking down abandoned railroad tracks just talking, try balancing on the rails or simply lay on them and look up mindlessly at the sky, this is at least what i think of when I'm down. Everyone gets sad or depressed and have different ways of handling it and if it's a bad way, why not do this, think about all that you'd like to do in the future even if you don't really like the outdoors, i usually don't but i know i want to do this and the thought calms me, or maybe you can do this. Maybe you have a friend who's down you can do this with them, or just mindlessly talk about little things even tell them what you think of your way to be happy. We all have giant storms in our life that come and destroy everything and some people choose the storm over losing someone....but think what happens after the storm, you might've saved someone from a fated destiny or maybe you saved yourself from it. To be happy. think whats your to be happy future, what do you think of, what mindless future not in the big scheme of things do you think of a walk and play in the forest in a small town like me? or a car ride through a big city? what ever it is, it's your to be happy. sincerely, Jade BrightOpticEyes

If you want a Polaroid photo drawing and have a story or just a phrase you'd like people to see and hear, I'm willing to make these for $8 each, your character, story, or even if you want me to write something with just a theme you gave me or even a song you suggested I'm willing to do no matter how complex, we all need to release whats on our minds, if you catch me streaming some art I'll always do one free Polaroid photo drawing each time i stream art. If you have any questions feel free to ask anyway you like and if you have something you want off your chest go ahead and use the comments to say it, everyone deserves their to be happy.

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