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good as new


24 November 2014 at 00:31:01 MST

Portos doesn't remember the assault that should have killed him. He doesn't remember anyone coming to his aid, and he doesn't remember the deep, deep sleep while they worked to repair his mangled throat. All in all, there's about a two month gap missing from his memory. He doesn't even remember the first time he woke, because he was out again almost instantly.

He remembers the lingering taste of blood though. And he'll always remember how it felt when his human rescuers presented him with a mirror.

been thinkin a lot about tubedargon lately, wanted to try drawing him more recently after his ordeal as opposed to the faded scarring I usually do. Kinda rusty, haven't drawn Portos in a while (he's an enormous pain in the ass to draw, tbh), this doodle is probably best ignored

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    Ooogh. Visceral indeed, in literal and figurative senses; that's striking especially with the staples.

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      the staples are kind of bugging me, I feel like I should have put them vertically. oh well. next time (when I draw this doofus again in another 7 months lol)

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    I loved this character design when I first saw him, and I still love him now.

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      thank you! ;u; my big dargon baby