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Lucas (Dragon) by Bradfort-Bottlenose

Lucas (Dragon)


Drawn for me by:

Would you look at that! It's Lucas but as a dragon! A water dragon... with... wings for some reason.

This is an idea which came to be through a lengthy roleplay I've been doing with my buddy Vangabond Vangabond. Still ongoing too!

For those not in the know from FA: Lucas is normally a Slowking. This is an alternate take on him as a dragon.

Basically, Lucas one day met a dragon called Steven Livingston. A dragon from another planet known as Alexandrite. Being the somewhat easily impressed Slowking he is at times, he was amazed at Steven's capabilities and began fantasizing about himself as a dragon. Steven, being the kind dragon he is, offered to help by using a magical disguise spell to see how he'd look as a dragon, which Lucas accepted.

It turns out the spell was more potent than they both expected, as Lucas came out of it an actual dragon! Not that either of the two were complaining. He looked good, and Lucas no longer had to hide his hair under a Shellder either!

Later, Lucas would end up on Alexandrite himself, where he learned Steven was one of three princes of a kingdom, alongside his brothers Quentin and Theodore. Lucas and the brothers became fast friends, hitting it off especially well with Theo, as Lucas tends to call Theodore.

The brothers have worked hard to get Lucas used to his new body, as while he can still shapeshift into a Slowking and a human, his dragon self had started to feel very natural to him. He's still the same formalwear-loving dork he always was though!

This RP has been going on for quite a while, and Theodore has since become emperor, among other things happening, but it's still going strong and it's gotten to the point the Livingston brothers treat Lucas like family.

For now this is an alternate canon version of Lucas, but knowing my luck, this Lucas is gonna get more popular than the Slowking one, haha

I hope you like him!

Underwear alt here.

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