commission chart by B Pavlica

commission chart

B Pavlica

19 April 2015 at 09:10:30 MDT

Finally I put together a new and improved commission chart.

Since I lost my scholarship (and by unfair means, might I add), and have no way of getting money without mooching off of my parents (something I very much dislike doing), I had to raise my prices slightly. I am not a very greedy person(ironically, I know), but every now and then I do take a shine of something, and it feels nice knowing I won’t be left penniless if I decide to treat myself every now and then. Hey, I work hard, I deserve this.
Before I forget; Method of payment is via PayPal only.

I went from set prices to €/h, as I believe this is more fair for me, as well as for the customers. A picture of a simple character requires much less of my time than a picture of a more busy one. Someone who requires 30 minutes of my time should not pay the same amount of money as someone who requires an hour of it - however the things equal for both will be the quality of the received art, and my appreciation and respect for my customers.

To anyone who is suspicious of how I measure my time; I use this little program ( to count my time. It stops on any instance I leave my tablet idle for about 5 seconds, and when I switch to a different window on my computer.

If you have any questions about anything, don’t be afraid to ask!
Take note that there are some different options to each commission type, such as simple chibis and more detailed chibis, flat shading and soft shading. I will ask about these specifications if you order a commission, to make sure you get what you wanted.

You can ask for a full colour piece with a BACKGROUND.
You can ask for PIXELS.

I'd be very grateful if you spread this around tumblr a bit, if anyone is up for this, here's the post to reblog;

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