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Hello there! Thank you for viewing my page here! My name is Boxer, I am a kobold. I love drawing and playing tons of games. I can be a bit odd at times but I do enjoy meeting new people! I have recently gotten back into the youtube scene and look forward to seeing how that pans out! For now I am using it for fun so my friends can see how horrible I am at various games~ You can find my channel here:

I am still working on it's design! I will update when I can about my progression as an artist and how my channel goes. Hope I see people come back and comment! I would love game suggestions as well.

I owe a lot to my friends for helping me develop over time and have left my oldest art on here to show it. I wanted to give a special thanks for a few who I ask for help when I can't figure out how to do something and it's because of them I am where I am today.

Immelmann - Always loved your art and comics! Thanks for all the help~
fionthebunny - You're the entire reason I started drawing again, you gave me tons of 1 on 1 help and I appreciate all of it!
raichupuppy - You have helped me when I got really down a while back and it means a lot to me. Thank you!
silvericetail - You gave me so many references and would get on voicechat to help explain to me when a drawing I was doing looked off and was able to explain in detail how to improve. Thank you Silver~

There are others but I will put them down when I can! I am currently learning how to edit videos, so it is eating up a bit of time!

Undies for~ raichupuppy raichupuppy
Happily dating the wonderful nasonxian nasonxian
Slave for ryodramon ryodramon


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Boxer Blue
Boxer Blue

Latest Journal

Youtube Updates!

Tonight I delved head first into learning Adobe After Affects! Made a simple check list for myself!
Adding correct video formats - Done!
Adding Photos - Done!
Learn how to fade in and out - Done!
Learn Proper video resolutions - Done!
Separate Audio from Video - Incomplete

Current Video: Hearthtone

Title Card for video:
Frames - Incomplete
Skeleton - Incomplete
Sketch - Incomplete
Lines - Incomplete
Ink - Incomplete
Color - Incomplete
Shading - Incomplete

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    Hey, may I request?

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      In the process of movin~ But I can try a request, whats up ^^?

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        Can you draw my tribe trio Davene Grovyle, Matt Marshtomp, and Lukeo Combusken ready to fight? ^^

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          I'll have to pass, thanks for the request though! Maybe some other time.