[Video] Les Quatre Bornes by Bornes

[Video] Les Quatre Bornes


16 October 2012 at 14:26:38 MDT

In my off-time I edit music videos. I joined Wattpad not too long ago, and made a bunch of book trailers for people (Wattpad is kind of like fictionpress). After making videos for other people, their trailers inspired me to make my own.

There are a few trailers that gave me ideas for this but the one that is mostly at fault is Calidisi, which this trailer was based directly from (I made the Calidisi trailer too, by the way).

ANYWAY. I'm not going to fill weasyl with all my video editing shit, I have other sites for that. I am putting this particular video in my gallery because it is for my Q Character. Also because I added tails to the guy (which was difficult and I don't think it came out that well). There is also a scene with blood puddled around a girl. I put in the blood afterward.

The anime used is "air", the song used it Hurt's "Illuminated".

The sketches are comissions I ordered from Bayanghitam.

For a better idea about what sort of effort went into this, Here's a version without the tails.

And for those curious, these are the wattpad trailers I've made and this is my a-m-v.org profile.

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