The Life Tattoo by Bornes

The Life Tattoo


10 October 2012 at 20:30:14 MDT

From 2010.

The top: Combination of the Omega symbol and the Libra symbol. I'm a libra. Omega commonly represents "The End" or death, which is inevitable ad I've accepted this.

The Triangle and circle: Therianthropy symbol, but also doubles again as Delta and Theta. Meaning, basically, life, death, the universe, complex concepts, change, and everything on this existential plane and others (lol). Or in religious terms, God, I guess. But for me personally, just the driving force that keeps me here living through life.

Under that is a modified Eye of Horus. In this sense it represents the moon (left eye) and again, just another symbol for life and what drives us through it, or God if you want to be religious.

Furthermore, the entire shape as a whole was supposed to mimic an Ankh or in some ways a Celtic Cross (But I was specifically aiming for an Ankh shape). Ankh is basically the "Key of life". Both representing this life and the after life (should there be one).

I'm not big on egyptian theology, I just chose symbols that both looked cool and represented life.

I ended up not getting this tattoo for varying reasons, but if you want to use it, feel free.

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