Boo Quest - A Point & Click Adventure by Bootz

Boo Quest - A Point & Click Adventure


19 June 2013 at 13:23:46 MDT

This is probably my most extensive project to date, and likely the most complex thing I'll put together for a while. It's a little big, and the preloader is a little wonky, so just give it time. There's a lot of voice clips in there eatin' up the file size.

Basically what we've got here is one of those old-school, point & click adventure games, like the ones LucasArts or Sierra used to make back in the good old days.

I very much suggest reading the instructions, but the short version is:

Move with W-A-S-D

'1' activates your "Look at" cursor. It lets you examine things when you click 'em.

'2' activates your "Action" cursor. It lets you interact with things when you click 'em.

'3' activates your "Item" cursor. It lets you try to use your most recently selected inventory item on things when you click 'em.

'i' opens your inventory. Inside your inventory, you can look at, interact with, and try to use other objects in your inventory together, just like you can outside of the inventory screen.

Inside the inventory screen, '4' will also activate the "select" cursor. This lets you choose a new active inventory item.

If you're stumped, try LOOKing and ACTing on everything, the descriptions will often have hints in 'em. Also, don't forget that items can sometimes be combined to come to solutions.

If you're really, *really* stumped, feel free to toss me a message on here, FA or Skype and I'll get back to ya. XD

The game is pretty much over at the credit roll sequence. The scene that follows afterwards is a private thing, though the most astute of you can probably figure out what the significance was. ;3

Anyway, enjoy!

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    This was surprisingly cute and well done. I got a little stuck at the bug spray part, but other than that it wasn't hard to figure out. I'd like to see more :3

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    this was really cool. I absolutely dug this,
    hope to play some more of these,
    it's really well done.