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You were ejected! (YCH Open!) by Boopleton

You were ejected! (YCH Open!)


13 December 2020 at 21:48:38 MST

I've been playing a bit of Among Us lately, so I figured I'd take out my rage by making a YCH as I always get ejected out after catching the imposter....................... ANYWAYS

Includes a bobbing animation free of charge, choice of hat, and if you wish to be the IMPOSTER or CREW

$5 a character
+$5 if character is extremely complex
can do closed species IF fits into the base more or less.
Canines only for now!

If you want one please fill out this form:
1. Which hat would you like?
2. Imp or Crew
3. Bobbing animation? Y/N
4. Any extra information?

Happy tasking

I can add other hats featured in Among Us for a $1 upcharge IF it is not already premade. Here are the hats I've made so far:
-Toilet Paper
-Jason Mask
-DUM sticky note
-Santa hat (not visible on this page)