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Saffron Lifestages by bonnyrabbit

Saffron Lifestages


9 April 2019 at 12:25:31 MDT

been wantin to draw saff is different points in his life, mostly bc i wanted to see how big we could get those ears on a baby LMAO

two notes:

+beetlerocks wood elves are born with a much more vivid complexion than what they grow up with. saffron was more golden as a child, and as he matured (notably once he reached his first century) he developed a more dark olive brown complexion. some kids are born copper, or even pink; but they all develop a more natural hue (ranging from a soft ochre to dark grey green) as they grow older.

+beetlerocks dont cut their hair unless theyre hunters or soldiers (in which case their hair is shaved to the scalp); most choose to braid or tie their hair and wrap it close to the head to keep it from damage and out of the way. saffrons hair color is probably the most common among the beetlerocks, but other colors and textures are not at all uncommon.