BF_Vicki Fox-ID theft 2_8x6 by BondoFox

BF_Vicki Fox-ID theft 2_8x6


17 February 2013 at 10:56:57 MST

Vicki Fox is a reporter, on the Feature's desk but still a reporter. The two things any reporter wants are a scoop, and a Pulitzer Prize. Investigating some actual news, Vicki finds herself getting caught where she shouldn't have been, and now finds herself in an abandoned building facing a hired vixen who has to go out and pretend to be her in order to discredit all of the work she's done.

Sharp-eyed fans will easily see the mistake the impostrix made.

This is the forth incarnation of the master piece, experimenting with yet another background.

Vicki Fox is (c) Vicki Fox Productions and Mike Russell