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Charlie Coon by Bond750

Charlie Coon


This was a character I created a long time ago for a little webcomic I had in mind but decided her appearance would make it seem inappropriate with some viewers.

Charlie Coon is a monotonous art teacher for who has recently developed strong feelings for one of her students, a wolf named Anthis, that she wishes to express clearly,
but is still struggling to do so thanks to her nature of keeping her emotions to herself.

In her high school years, She wasn't very popular due to how she had a hard time expressing her emotion which only got worse as she was gradually shunned as a social outcast.
She was able to finally express them through art and as such, she studied to become an art teacher. In truth, She wasn't expecting to have so many students tend her art class.
She mostly wanted an excuse to be close to her art.

Due to how unliked she was back at school, she started seeking out ways to help her distress, and cope with her stress and as such resorted to yoga.
Her first session was one she would never forget. As in an effort to let all her stress go through deep breathing exercises,
she found herself breathing so heavily she actually inflated. Over the course of her Art classes, She's managed to make a few friends like Ben and Donna but never anyone that was able to successfully break the shell she had.
This changed once she met Anthis who was the first person who saw past her emotionless exterior and allowed her to finally connect with someone on a deeper level finally giving her the strive to express herself more.

Over time she's gradually started improving in expressing her emotions, and even more enthusiastic towards teaching her art lessons.
She enjoys inflation and personally sees it as a method of relaxation. She's Quiet, Socially Awkward, Passionate in her work and Dedicated to Maintaining a calm temper.
She's a good listener and understanding others' emotions and what issues they may be feeling due to personal experience. She cares deeply for her friends and how her friends are feeling truly valuing the friends she has.
She takes her art too seriously and tends to get a little pissy when she sees bad art actually getting visibly angry. She's also able to express her joy visibly as well usually when she's with someone she really likes and when she sees a really good piece of art, she just can't help but praise.

Sorry for the redundant use of the word "She" in this bio. XP

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