I'm bombird!

not actually a bomb, or a bird. I'm more like a regular guy that likes to draw birds.
You could always extend that definition to a semi alcoholic ex-bricklayer, BMX-riding, photography enthusiast, tall, bearded guy.
Most of all, I'm a huge bird fanatic, so anything with a beak wins with me, ANYTHING.

I'm currently studying arts and design in video games, and I hope, one day, that I'll help creating a game that you will play.

I'm usually more active on FA, even if this place is awesome.

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on 5 January 2014 at 21:59:46 MST

Hello people!

I decided to crowd this gallery a bit.
I'm usually more on FA, but with it's stability rating going down, and improvements expected to arrive in 2062...
I decided it was a good idea to be around here some more. Not to mention how great this website works.
Let's try this out. It looks very promising.

Anyway, enjoy my old art dump. The folder system is really good for archiving pictures, so here you go!

Expect me to post a lot of old stuff over the coming weeks.

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    I must say, it is a delight to have stumbled upon your page as I am utterly pleased to find avian characters depicted in such manners of exquisite artistry. You manage to convey them lividly, full of life, and full of expression and your meticulous talent is obvious.
    You won a "follow" from me, and I can only hope you will continue providing such art!

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    Lot lovely things, here. :)

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    Oh gosh, I missed seeing your art so much! So happy to find you here!

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    I can't believe I wasn't following you over here yet!

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    best bord

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    so uhh
    do you like drawing birds

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      Oh heuuuuuuuu hum
      I kinda like to draw gryphons too!

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    wow I finally found you here