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Commissions: OPEN by Bolthound

Commissions: OPEN


Commissions currently: OPEN!

Tradition commissions are available inquire at or Weasyl message for more details and a quote.

Every piece beyond a sketch gets a simple colored/gradient/texture background
Money payments will be made through paypal USD (note that my paypal email is different)
I will not draw M rated content, sexual images, excessive gore, etc.
I reserve the right to refuse a commission based on subject matter if I am not comfortable with it.
Commissioner is allowed to print copies for themselves but may not distribute or post on other websites without prior permission and proper credit.
Unless explicitly stated by commissioner I reserve the right to post the work to various public sites and use it in portfolios.

I can draw most anything you throw at me mechanical bits and humans included.
I will do my best to get commissions done in a timely fashion but I am a working adult with other “real life” commitments so bear with me.

if you read all that and agree to the terms send me a message or email at with the following form filled out:

Commission type:
Your name and handle:
Character Name:
Reference sheet/images/description: (I can draw off a written description but would prefer image refs or a combination of the two.)
Eye color(if not on sheet/image):
Mouth color(if not on sheet/image):
Anything else that needs mentioning: (things that are easily overlooked or other information I may need)

for now there is an unlimited number of slots available but if I get a large rush I may invoke a slot limit and will update this deviation saying so.

Submission Information

Visual / Other