Overblown obstacles by BodBloat

Overblown obstacles


4 June 2016 at 01:28:35 MDT

Of course they had grown....

Trying once again to tug the shorts up, the fabric was once again stopped by a two much larger and well rounded obstacles. Spitting the hose out of my mouth I looked back down at my overblown and inflated midsection with a mild case of frustration. Running a hand over the taut surface of air filled scales I couldn't deny that I loved the feeling of all that air within me. It just happened to also have a bad habit of making closes fit...less. With a sigh of annoyance I let the shorts drop to the ground before sitting down on the still humming compressor. vibrating and pulsing as it pushed air through the hose, those little bits of movement found their way rattling around the air filled globe straddling the machine. Blushing slightly at the all to welcome feelings, I knew exactly where the hose needed to go.... and luckily a too small pair of shorts wasn't blocking the entrance any longer.....

This amazing pic was drawn up by Skeezard! Seriously go check out their art for every sort of imagining of big possible!

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