He dropped it! by BodBloat

He dropped it!


22 May 2016 at 20:07:35 MDT

despite how tiny it looked, I should have know it was gonna pack a punch. Hefting the little chrome cylinder in my hand, I grinned around the house in my mouth as I cranked the valve open. It was instantaneous. With a lurch my belly puffed up knocking the canister from my grip. It was too much, my body was already stretching and swelling out of control from the blast of air. Desperetely scrambling for the tank, my claws scrabbled across the hard ground for a brief second before even they lost purchase from the ground. It was way too fast, My body wasn't even slowing from all the air flying into me. Trying to tug the hose from my mout, I watched in dismay as my fingers lost their grip as I became engulfed. I was sinking in, that was the only way to describe it. Red began to surround my head, fingers twitching in a panic as they failed to move. Yet despite this the hose still kept hissing and flowing, even as my hide started to creak and groan.....

This was an amazing commission sequence I picked up a while back from Geckomania thank you so much for the amazing sequence, I absolutely loved it :D

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