Whoops...desk! by BodBloat



20 May 2016 at 01:02:44 MDT

Laying upon the bed, I let the rubbery creaks of my hide hit my ears. With a toothy flash, a grin splits my maw as the trickle of air continues to push into my distended middle. With a hesitant glance to a clock nearby, I let out a defeated sigh. Work was just around the corner, and I was gonna need to move if I planned on actually making it out the door in one piece. Shutting off the air tank, I swiveled my legs over the edge of the bed. Bouncing and rubbing upon everything possible, squeaks of protest fill air. With nothing but red and yellow filling my vision, all I can do is happily drum upon the taut surface, wiggling my overfilled hips in glee at my size. Finally getting up, my body rotated like a vast red zeppelin..... only to get wedged tight between the desk and office chair. Wiggling side to side helplessly I let out a little chuckle at my predicament, because I obviously wasn't going to fit through that door even if I could get unwedged. Like a shopper testing out a fruit for ripeness, my claw plunged into my rubbery hide to show just how much give I had left. Once again that toothy flash of a smile I reached towards the bed for the hose....after all I could always just call in sick...

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