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Fish Inflation? by BodBloat

Fish Inflation?


19 May 2016 at 23:21:38 MDT

" Bod I know your a horrible fisher. Lat time you got the line tangled in your horn and fell in the water. Was a mess trying to prevent your heavy as hell butt from sinking! Of course I'll take on your wager! I'll eat everything you catch even if I pop in the process. Of course if I haven't had my fill, then I get to see just how much air that red hide of yours can hold!

Clambering onto the boat, Bod and Lexal zipped out to the sea, searching for one of the local fishing spots. About half way there, Lexal finally realized something was missing from the boat.

"Um Bod I think you forgot your fishing rod?"

turning to the dark skinned dragon, a smile creeped across my maw. Pulling a tarp off of the bottom of the boat, I revealed a stack of large metal cylinders.

"Don't worry, I brought the depth charges this time....."

Done as a in stream commission for the first ever Dragon stream! Got to draw out in his new dragon fursona! Known for their voracious love of fish, I had to test out just has stretchy his black rubbery hide could be....

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