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Bomb Disposal by BodBloat

Bomb Disposal


27 September 2015 at 20:46:51 MDT

Hissing and sizzling, the bomb glowed with a most menacing intent. But of course disappeared like the others down my gluttonous throat. With a dull clunk it collided with the others in my overstretched hide. Still barely audible, the hissing could still be heard within in addition to the hundreds of others consumed before it. A dull whoomph could be heard within as my creaking hide lurched out another foot. Licking my lips, I pressed my hands into my taut hide listening to the rest hiss away angrily within. plucking another from the sparking pile blow, I marveled at it's purple sheen and painted skull as a hungry grin spread across my maw....

So inspiration came from my good friend AbbyInflatableTabby in the form of the cartoon "Bye, Bye, Bluebeard" in which a hungry wolf devours a handful of bombs mistaking them for "popovers". Of course this didn't end well for the bloke, but it's the exact type of way to go out that I particularly love haha. You can check out the episode her if you like, the scene starts at the 6 min mark

Bonus point to the person who notices the easter egg dedicated to an awesome artist on FA!

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    Yo Bod, you da bomb!

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      Thanks XD I was actually going to call it that originally haha

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        The power of puns are still strong with me! fist pump

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          fist pumps back yes it is XD You wouldn't believe how many puns I've heard with this pic so far!

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    Besides being creative with themes inflation pics. You're just awesome with coloring and details.

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      Thank you! I try and push the coloring and detail with every pic!

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    Will you draw the boom?

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      chances are I won't, but I'd love to!

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        well at least you would love to