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PUMPZ Issue 1 by BodBloat

PUMPZ Issue 1


23 September 2015 at 21:47:55 MDT

SO I have something a bit special planned for you all today. Came about the idea to do some covers for a fake inflation magazine called "PUMPZ". Had such a fun time drawing it up on stream, that I have decided to do this as a monthly tradition from here on out! So look for the notice at the start of October, I might think about doing a YCH for the next cover model of the next issue!

So for the very first cover model of the new flagship hit magazine we have the amazing shark lxlhunter showing off that massive balloon gut of his!

So another little feature I'm planning on doing is show casing some cool artists and projects I see throughout the month. Those will be used for the fake subjects within the magazine and will actually have quick blurbs below in this description bar. So without further ado here are this months topics!

Have a Swell Time with Hephy
One of the projects that lxlhunter and skyox have been creating a fun game involving the hero of a cow, Hephy! Dodge food attempting to stuff Hephy in this great point and click defense game. Still in it's Beta, Lexal and Skyox are constantly updating and working on the game. C Heck out this email below to see what updates have come about and see about joining the beta!

Stuff Yourself Silly with Vrghr!
Practically a gourmet chef by paw, Vrghr is a true master of the culinary arts! The beloved Dragonwuff of the fat fur community, he constantly pumps out delectable foods and meals that he hand crafts. Already the victim of more than a hand full of these creation, I would thoroughly suggest you check out his recipes here!

HeavyHoss Weighs In!
The king of the hefty and rotund, heavyhoss is truly capable of showing you the meaning of Heavy! A great artist who constantly strives to draw and paint better with each and every piece of art, he is sure to astound you with the quality of his commission art. Go check out his page here and see some of the great stuff he draws up with those talented hooves of his!

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    This is literally so fucking full of yes.

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      Thanks! I really enjoyed the concept myself!