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Tap Tap Tap by BodBloat

Tap Tap Tap


19 September 2015 at 19:52:06 MDT

Gulping down another clawful of the oozing magma, the stuffed dragon let *out a content sigh. creaking and groaning like a small fiery sun, his midsection ballooned out with the hundreds of gallons of syrupy rock packed within. Bringing up a claw, he playfully tapped the stretched belly plates to test how full he was. *


"Oh I think there is plenty of room left in there yet. Oh delightful magma, your just like taffy to my waiting belly!"

Rolling over, my pendulous belly briefly brushes the ground as I clamber onto all fours. Licking my lips, I plunge my maw into the flowing river of magma. With each gulp of the shimmering liquid, my rounding middle pushes further outward, closer and closer to the ground. Sliding and stretching across the spreading hid, my belly plates spread out as the surface area of my hide creeps outward. Ever so slightly the belly comes into contact with the ground as the all to common sounds of a stomach pushing it's limit fills the air...

This wonderful piece was done as a commission by the amazing Starquill ! Wanted to see how I'd look as more of a feral for and Starquill was more than happy to take my idea. Thank you so much for taking this commission idea from me, the picture still blows me away with all of it's amazing detail!

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      No kidding XD