SOLD! 'Paint Bucket Splatter Yote!' by BNCreation

SOLD! 'Paint Bucket Splatter Yote!'


29 September 2015 at 13:04:10 MDT


Check out this cutie!

I thought, 'Man 2008 was an awesome year for the fandom. Sparkle Dogs, Electro House music. FA was great and we all got cookies at the Double Tree at FC!' So, to bring back that awesome feeling I present BUCKET! a retro 08' Sparkle Dog dance suit.

He features light weight body, light weight feet paws, simple hand paws with lock-cuffs, great vision and the old school strip build method I did in 2008-2010 but with the new head-cup back that locks the head onto yours! Keeping it from moving even during the most aggressive dance moves.

He is currently for sale and I am at RainFurrest! The suit is bran spankin new and has around 5 hours on him. All the proceeds go to paying my gal's living expenses after we move while she finds a new job! She's been amazing to me and is fully supporting me in my dream of working for NASA and to do that, I need to go back to school. We've sold our house, bought another near OSU and I start this winter! She's super stressed about it so I want to do this to say 'Thank you' for all of her help by giving her the proceeds. :)

The suit fits 5'10-6'4", feet are 10-13's with varied socks. Head is 23-24.75". The suit all together weighs in a featherweight 8.4lbs!

Price: $2000 CASH $2080 SHIPPED.

Thank you for looking and if you can't buy, please reference this to some one who would love this as our move date is in two weeks!

Thanks guys! You rock!

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