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Sut - August Con Badge Exchange by bluestone (critique requested)

Sut - August Con Badge Exchange (critique requested)


So... I'm a complete dingbat. I honestly though I already uploaded this, and I hadn't. (between a death in the family and sleep deprivation, I've been a bit out of it.)

Anyway, this is August's conbadgeexchange conbadgeexchange. I got WikkFox WikkFox's mate's character Sut. Continuing work on my attempting to do digital "watercolor" (that actually came before the tigeress that I actually did post... I think I must have posted this in a dream? No idea.)

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    This looks great! I would not have guessed it was digital! It looks like a combo of watercolor and marker. The pose is really fun too, my dog does that all the time and it always makes me laugh. :D

    Sorry to hear about your bad month. :( I hope things turn around soon.

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      Well thank you. I'm not always sure I'm successful with his fake-traditional stuff, but I'm enjoying the challenge. And I needed a bit of a fun pose, right about now. Glad that comes across as well.

      And thank you for the well wishes too. At the moment life feels like it sucks a bit, but I know it's bound to get better soon.

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    Looks cool ty.
    (His tongue ishould be purple though)

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      Whoops! I'll get that edited when I'm back on that computer - one of the benefits of digital work chuckles

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      Went ahead and reuploaded with a purpler tongue. Sorry about that!