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Commission sheet 2019 by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Commission sheet 2019 (critique requested)


I may make another one down the line but here is my commissions sheet. I have a more in depth journal here:

This however is a shortened tldr version. Though I can answer questions here, I say skim through both just in case. A commission's page would probably be seen more so both help me regardless. I can do an abundance of things, including reference sheets, clothing and character designs , portraits , backgrounds, color , black and white, and greyscale works, comics and manga, whatever you fancy. I work mainly with traditional but digital is also an option.

Just give me-

character(s) reference;
medium of choice;
Description of work;
payment method;
Speedpaint Y/N (I'll let you know if I can at the time.);

-do not repost my work
-do let me know if it is for personal or commercial use so that we may discuss it further.
-be descriptive
-I will communicate with you as frequently as I can, though please do not ask about your commission daily. Especially if there are others ahead of you. I go down a list.

I go by paypal, even through da, or da's point system. Should you pay me please do not place it in the donation pool. I can not convert points into usd through the donation pool. I don't know why deviantart works like that but it does. If you have any questions or such , let me know.