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Hard to read by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Hard to read (critique requested)


27 August 2018 at 22:56:14 MDT

The towns lore keeper. She knows and has seen many things. A good number of them in the forests near her home and on world star...
Oh man I have missed my colored pencils. Its been a while since I have made a completed work with them. I don't work with them much because for me, the pencil works don't scan well and I have to fumble around with the functions. I hate the white spots but i love the medium. I started off with a box of crayola pencils on here and I think I still have a pack somewhere.

This character's name is Vasilica, she is going to be in my Verdure comic redo. I will call the comic something else as well. Vasi is meant to be a beech martin type neiram in story , and i am going to have her ref sheet out soon. I think its neat that Lynette is a PINE marten and Vasi is a BEECH marten , all we need is a third tree and we have a whole set of martens I just wanted to doodle her a bit. Made this with Lyra Rembrandt polycolor pencils. I made a marker version of her here;