With a burning passion by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

With a burning passion (critique requested)


18 June 2018 at 17:29:26 MDT

Well ,shocking passion. Carmelita's pistol is basically a lighting gun if you think about it.

I love drawing Carmelita with her pistol. It just looks cool and I sometimes feel like I'm drawing a cover for an action comic or something like that. The design I drew influece from was from her sly 1 and sly 3 artwork. I wanted to make the electrical effects stand out so I got a little experimental with it. Hopefully it shows up on other monitors , it was tricky working with the paint.
This was going to be a more stylized speed paint but so many things kept hindering me. I had to redraw and repaint her three times! Three! And then I found out that after hours of working on this , almost all my footage became corrupted and unusable. Then there was the smearing , oh gwd the smearing. SO I will have to make a carmelita speedpaint another day. My heart can't take it.

I used my gold paints for the background lights of the city and some of her metallic bits. It looks so neat in natural light , can't catch it on a scanner unfortunately. But I had fun with this piece. I would like to make a fan game of her one day soon, something short but fun. Like an inbetween chapters thing. Here's to hoping.

Materials used;
deleter dip pens
speedball indian ink
sakura koi watercolor paints
white gelly roll pen
canson cold press watercolor paper
sakura pigma micron pens
gansai tambi starry colors
deleter white 2