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A little impish (Speedpaint vid in description) by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

A little impish (Speedpaint vid in description) (critique requested)


22 March 2018 at 15:41:52 MDT

Speedpaint video can be seen here:

To be honest , not really sure what exactly this little guy is supposed to be. I know he is supposed to be an imp but when I finished, it leaned more towards mythical or fairy like imp as opposed to a satanic or evil imp. There are different imps , some considered a type of fairy and and others considered supernatural. And to add more to it , the term "Fairy" or "Fae" is a broad term not exclusive to the Tinker-bell like fairies we recognize today. Some fairies in mythos are considered a type of dead , others a sort of supernatural entities that are pretty hypocritical and like fucking around with humans for nothing but sheer enjoyment. And while not all elves are fairies, some fairies are elves , weird if you ask me but oh well. And to add one more oddity , some demons are considered fairies as well. Not all fairies are pretty , take the nuckelavee for instance. Super ugly. Then there are the Kelpies and nixes.
Fae are an interesting mytology to me, different cultures have both similar renditions of a fairy and their own with their distinctive traits and habits. I am no expert at them but I love learning more about them.

This took me three hours in clip studio paint. I would like to make a speed paint every week or so if given the chance. Not sure what to name this little guy , Prisma maybe? Her color pallet was the hardest part about him. Didn't know what colors to use at first. Hell , Could be a girl , not entirety sure of that either. I might give the little guy away , not sure what to do with him. I feel like he would be a sweet character though.This speedpaint is a warm up , I am planning something bigger but that is more fanart-esque than anything. It will take longer too.