Made of Love by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Made of Love (critique requested)


15 February 2018 at 19:50:32 MST

Link to my speedpaint here: (Had to reupload the vid with different audio.)

A little valentines day inspired work. Sorry it is so late. Where regardless of romance or kin, love should be shared always if possible. The woman in this picture is made of love , the good, and the bad, and the beautiful. She ended up looking a lot like my other character, Rosemary. Love hurts , love can be disguised or something can disguise itself as love. it can drain you, it makes you miss it, long for it. It can consume you but make you feel full. satiated. Love can be our ultimate uplifting or our greatest down fall. It can be scary but it can also be worth it. Damned if we do and damned if we don't. Either way , we all thrive from some sort of affection. That was part of my inspiration for this.


And I really like beautiful yet gory imagery. It makes me sad but brings to mind a certain appreciation for being alive. pain , just like tragedy, can be beautiful at times. I don't think this image is too much, but if you feel like it is be sure to tell me.
I hope you all have a good day full of love regardless of the holiday. And if you ask me, everyday is valentines day.