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Who you once were (speedpaint) by blueScorpio92

Who you once were (speedpaint)


Video can be seen here:

Oh my gosh , chapter 4 is in production and I am ecstatic. I thought I made the drawing bigger but I still like how it turned out. A whole five hours went into this. I honestly could not pick between the greyscale drawing or the sepia toned version but I picked the later. Its funny drawing a character that has no design to her yet but i tried to model Susie off of some women from the 1930's. Gave her freckles, thought it was cute and distinct to add. Drew "Alice" too. She was rather creepy to do but it was worth it.
Has anyone else noticed "Alice"'s throat is slit? Like, how can she talk? (Talks more than Sammy does , and he has no face...) Rather creepy , gives some perspective of how Susie or Allison or both probably died. Just a thought.
The original can be found here:
(I upload on my main site more often.)

Susie , Alice, and Bendy and the ink machine belong to themeatlygames
made in clip studio paint