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My floral girl by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

My floral girl (critique requested)


I have had Chennel for a while. Since around 2014 I believe , maybe longer. She and Aldrik along with a few others have always been stand alones , kinda floating around in my idea bin for a while. I am saving them along with some other characters for somethings special.
Anyway , I gave her Anemone flowers in her hair. I just really like anemone flowers for some reason , they are very visually appealing. They come in several colors ranging from white to red to even blue. The blue one are my favorite but I like the pink ones too. I think this is the second closest I have ever been to drawing a smile on Chennel's face. It is like a look of innocence. I stink at coming up with backgrounds.

I colored the original linework in Clip studio paint. The linework can be found
A small story I had for this was that she was turned into a Florien and Aldrik was trying to help her. Luckily the effects were reversed and she is turned back to normal but it was a terrifying experience for pretty much everyone involved. And floriens as a race consider anemone bearers to be very important. Well, this was the idea anyway.