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Inktober : Smoke break - by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Inktober : Smoke break - (critique requested)


Markers count right? They are ink too and i have to get better at them eventually. Tis the point of inktober right? That and to have fun , which i am. ^ ^Note to self , use mix media paper with markers instead if sketchpad, this gave me such a hard time because i used the wrong damn paper.I generally love all animals but I am a dog person at heart. They just have your back...If they like you. However I have always had a softspot for cats and snakes but mostly for cats. They are adorable if occasionally jerks , depending on the cat and the compatibility. Yes ,I believe there is compatibility with pets too.
I have been wanting to make a black cat for a while now and it is going to be Halloween soon so i find it especially fitting. The glowing affect was tricky but i learned a few things here, especially with leaving white spaces for later. I also learned that when making a black fured character , you don't have to use straight black , you can build up greys or a different color then accent with black to get the affect. Saves so much black when using marker or colored pencil or pastels....

I have always enjoyed drawing cigarette smoke. Never liked the smell or cigarettes in general but the smoke and patterns have always looked so beautiful to me , i try to capture the look on paper. So I guess we find beauty in odd places sometimes.
She is covered in fur , like most cats and dogs , so there really isn't anything to see except a shape. So that said , I don't feel like this needs a mature filter. I haven't found a name or her yet or if she is going to be a recurring character or not. I am thinking of naming her solange. It sounds pretty.