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About that eclipse...(speedpaint) by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

About that eclipse...(speedpaint) (critique requested)


The speed paint can be found here:

I have been wanting to draw this character for a little while now. I am not that into the series but there are some things i like and am looking forward to. I like Eclipsa's lore and her potential to be very complex. She has some build up but I am keeping my expectations even out. Not too low but not to high.I hope she isn't a flat out villian and i am hoping she isn't a one off. I also hope she has some good character building too. She could be a person of mixed morals and leans towards some neurtrality. She could just be super minipulative. Or she could have repented and genuinely once freedom but knows too much. There are so many ways this character could go but star v.t.f.o.v rarely gets that serious or complex, might just imply some things and let the viewers speculate. Don't know. We will have to see how it turns out.

Traditional line work, pigma microns. The original linework is here on my da account:

I am going to color that in traditionally as well. It will be fun to see a digital and traditional version. ^ ^

painted in Clips studio paint.
Eclipsa and Star vs the forces of evil belong to Disney.