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Humming bird by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Humming bird (critique requested)


I miss my colored pencils. I used to work with them all the time but now that i am experimenting with other mediums , i have been ignoring them for a bit. Colored pencils will always be one of my favorite mediums to work with. I actually have some work in progress scans of this too. I might use them for something later. I even have the line work before the color (In case i messed up the coloring, i could either print it out and redo it or color it in digital for a mixed media work.) Luckily , i like how this turned out. I had to use a crayola pencil for the skin tone though, i am trying to get some skin tones from another brand so that it looks a little better. (There is only one to two skin tones in my polycolor set now and i just want a solid set to work with instead of using a bunch of colors to create one tone.)

I am glad I get to do and add more to this character, she has been under developed for a long time. I finally picked a set of wings for Vakee. Or more over fused two together in a simpler design i can draw over and over. I have had a lot of humming bird inspirations lately. One has even been coming in my back yard for a while. They are so beautiful. So Vakee's 'wings' are a fusion of insect wings in veins and sheerness while still having the shape and function of humming bird wings. and yes, they do hum. In her early drafts back in high school , her wings looked very different. (If anyone wants to see Vakee's earlier forms let me know. XD I am a little embarrassed by them but I like to see them from time to time.)

These wings though, aren't real and are simply a manifestation of her abilities. She can draw them on but eventually they revert back. so they aren't permanent . It is automatic though so she doesn't have to draw them on constantly. She can draw a pair on someone else though but she controls where they go, they can't.(Think like an escape the dungeon ability.) they look different on every person. How long she can fly is tied in to her stamina, which is utter crap unless the fear of god is in her. I can think of so many running gags with this , yu guys have no idea.I have to add some of this to her bio or an abilities sheet soon.

Vakee Sa'Zeil belongs to me.


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    She's beautiful, and so are her wings! Lovely work!

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      Thank you very much! I appreciate that. <3