25 September 2016 at 09:54:34 MDT

I wanted to explain why I might be a bit....distant/inactive for a bit?

I'll never say it WILL get better, because I know it won't for some people.
I won't ever say it'll get easier, because it won't for some people.

I drew the "bowl" being strapped and sorta "grown-into" the person in a way for me to represent our "ties" with various negative thoughts and experiences.

Some of our troubles/negative experiences/stresses are superficial, short-lived, or relatively new troubles- so the "tie" is maybe temporary-or rather- it can be untied with some effort.

For some of us, maybe we've experienced a rather awful trauma or something.
Maybe our childhood was kinda shitty, and thus the "bowl" might become a bigger, more permanent thing, or at least something a bit harder to detach from.

So with that idea in mind, some people will have a smaller "bowl", or a bigger one.
They just don't soak up the worlds troubles and negative junk like some of us do.

Some people will be able to outright remove said bowls- some never develop that kinda of... "soaking negative energy".

But I think most people know what It's like to feel overwhelmed sometimes.

The reason why the character still is carrying that bowl in the bottom panel is because- at least for me, I've had this since I was 12?

I don't really think I'll ever get rid of it, the habit of soaking up stress and letting my internal-dialogue get to me.

I've just got to learn ways to cope, and I have hopes that- in spite of my depression good things will still be able to grow from me? I guess?

Thank you for reading.
I send my love and hope you're all doing well.

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    Ouch... that really resonates with me... hope you feel better too.

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      Aw I'm sorry you can relate- but I hope in a way this is kinda of....hopeful? in a way?

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    I can connect with this imagery so very much. Battling depression and anxiety myself, this is so close to 100% perfect of how I felt for the longest time. Thank you very much for sharing and I wish you well <3

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      <3 I'm sorry you can relate but I'm hoping that in a way this also has a little bit of a...hopefulness too? <3
      I think I heard someone describe it as.....as you live your life, you "paint over" yourself over and over again. Some paint coats are dark and gloomy, some days you paint over with brightness and good times- The old pain coats will always be there, they do not go away- but neither do the good moments either (Even though that is very hard sometimes to remember when you're having a bad-paint-day.)

      <3 My heart absolutely goes out to you. Please take care of yourself! <3

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        Thank you ever so graciously <3 I love your words <3