Ravine 2019 by Blue-Narwhal

Ravine 2019


14 May 2020 at 15:56:48 MDT

I waaay changed this guy up.
He’s no longer some freakish feathered wolf but his own thing.
He still has some small links to his original form, but I wanted him to look like he could truly exist, rather than being some silly hybrid fantastical mess.
Previous concept > https://www.deviantart.com/auldblue/art/Ravine-Reference-788103810

Pronounced whiskers that quiver (throat and eyebrows)
Shaved bodily hair back, so can see muscle underneath. It sounded more interesting to show a few skin bags and such, like a lion.
Dark stripes so as to blend into the night background better / mottled skin pattern. Inverted fur colour, mane being darker/lighter skin.
Dew claws for grappling.
The thick feather-bushy tail has slimmed down to a raggedy reed-cattail.
Thicker body portions.
They probably sound like Tasmania devils.
If Phaoul are forest cats, these guys are nocturnal wolves?

Art/Ravine species © Me
Do not: Redistribute/reproduce/alter/use for profit or claim as your own artwork.
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