Commissions 2018 (CLOSED!) by Blue-Narwhal

Commissions 2018 (CLOSED!)


11 October 2017 at 22:05:22 MDT

I have the right to refuse commissions.
I also do:
Pet portraits.
May do tasteful-light vore (Limited special).
Reference sheets are a maybe (very simple).

Mail. - I will not mail said image, file or other. Digital only!
Written details are not my forte, no walltext. You must have a detailed or clean visual reference for me to go by, please. TY!

Do not: Redistribute / reproduce / alter for profit or claim as your own artwork. Personal use only. Characters (c) to respective owners.
Please allow a month for the image completion.
Canvas: 1500x900
Digital/tablet (Wacom Intuos)
Deadlines: No.

-COM FORM: -Please fill out in note!
Type: (Sketch /coloured sketch / ink / flat / cell / painting / comic / icon / design.)
Character(s): (REF LINK) personality - short description.
Background: (None/basic /detailed)
Extra: (Full body or no / Any further Details.)

Keep your request simple and easy to read.
Commissions may be updated/edited with more examples later.
Leave a comment below if you have any further questions. : )

Thank you! ^^
All work (c) Me.