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Police Constable Wesley Parry by BlueKittyTales

Police Constable Wesley Parry


Beginning my string of remade profiles is that of the very first character I ever made, now almost entirely different from what he formerly was. First made in 2008, his backstory has been completely redone three times, with his current rendition being the one I’m satisfied with. These are going to be uploaded at a rate of three per day.

Wesley is the biological son of Brent Parry, a disgraced South Triston politician who in 1998 attempted to spearhead a law that would have curtailed the rights of human citizens. He dated Nancy Forrester, who revealed herself to be a serial killer. He ran for his life on discovering she had killed his cousin, an act that resulted in him losing his family when they falsely believed him to be responsible.

Now a Police Constable in Ramsdell, Borna City, South Triston, he is grimly determined to make sure that what Nancy did can never be repeated. But it appears some creatures in his jurisdiction have other plans even as he tightens the noose.

Wesley has the middle name of Thomas in honour of my late ginger tabby cat (16/12/96 – 16/08/13).

This profile will be updated again after the events of his next main story.

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