What a Scoop! (Fathomable) by BlueKittyTales

What a Scoop! (Fathomable)


16 August 2017 at 04:25:53 MDT

October 14th, 2010

George’s next scoop took him into the burrows of Caesia, where the city’s mayor had been witnessed taking part in a business deal with the Yakuza organisation who were at the forefront of the city’s underworld. He had successfully convinced his population that he had not had any involvement in it at all, but some had still remained sceptical, for they believed that he had systematically organised the evidence of his crimes be destroyed in order to remain in power. Indeed, George and his colleague and legal guardian Jack had uncovered evidence of what he had done, having found documents on a laptop that he had found in a house that had been burned down, and somehow it had survived completely intact. George thought they couldn't have believed the laptop still existed, but as he’d booted it up, he found more and more documents that detailed the deal. Utterly delighted by this evidence, his expression changed many times with every file he found, until finally, he wore a massive grin when he turned to Jack just as he was poring through a document he’d found in an old magazine.

“Hey Jack,” he called, “get over here! You’re not going to believe what’s on this laptop!”

In the former possession of Disco-Demon but having been drawn by Fathomable, I bring you a sketch dump of George, an enthusiastic reporter who seeks to bring society the news they’ve been lacking. Someday I’ll have his whole body drawn, but for now, here be many of his expressions. Enjoy. :3

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