In the Game of Love (Disco-Demon) by BlueKittyTales

In the Game of Love (Disco-Demon)


16 August 2017 at 03:57:48 MDT

Chad’s next passenger was a lady he had been courting for some time, but how could he make his feelings known without creeping her out? There were many tricks to the game of love, some that would wow a fair lady, some that would kill her interest permanently. She had responded to his advances thus far, but it wasn’t wise to take unnecessary risks, especially not by advancing too quickly and too soon. Having learned from his experience with his ex wife, he was sometimes glad that neither she nor their two teenage sons were around to see him in the act, for they had already inherited enough of his mannerisms without him unintentionally encouraging them. But as he neared his passenger’s destination, he had to make his move quickly. But what could he say? It might have seemed elementary, but in actuality it was to be played as delicately as a game of chess.

Here be the very first image of Chad, formerly in the possession of Disco-Demon before she decided to hand him to me. She also made this portrait of him, showing him in deep thought. Things aren’t always what they seem. ;3

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