My Little Red Panda (Robyn_Paperdoll) by BlueKittyTales

My Little Red Panda (Robyn_Paperdoll)


12 August 2017 at 03:47:55 MDT

Reposted with kind permission from Saetia of FurAffinity. :3

February 1st, 2013

Holidays were rare due to the nature of her job, but Elizabeth had managed to secure a long weekend. And that weekend saw the first biannual Weron Anime and Gaming Convention, an event she had wanted to attend for many years. What’s more, two friends of hers were going too, and she knew just the costume she wanted to bring with her. She’d spent a long time watching the My Little Pony animated series, and Pinkie Pie seemed like the ideal character to cosplay as, especially as one of her friends had purchased a cosplay outfit of fellow protagonist Rarity. Though their characters had two immensely different personalities, neither of them had seen any reason why it couldn’t work, whether they spent the entire time together or toured opposite ends of the venue. There were several famed voice actors who were going to be presenting at the panels, but the main thing Elizabeth was there for was to have fun. And as she and her friends approached the venue’s entrance, a big smile crossed her face as the bustling convention began to unfurl before them.

Presenting another cosplay picture, this image, done by Robyn_Paperdoll, has Jinx cosplaying as perhaps the most energetic character in the My Little Pony universe, none other than Pinkie Pie, only she won’t need a party cannon here. Doesn’t she look adorable? ^^

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