Good Eye Exercise (Saetia) by BlueKittyTales

Good Eye Exercise (Saetia)


12 August 2017 at 03:28:08 MDT

Reposted with kind permission from Saetia of FurAffinity. :3

July 5th, 2014

Elizabeth’s run of sixteen days had finally finished, and she’d barely got much restful sleep in that time, for when she’d tried to sleep, it had frequently been interrupted due to emergencies that she had been needed to deal with, either due to understaffing or due to her harbouring a skill that the medics on duty did not have in their arsenal. When she’d got home, she hadn’t remembered what had happened next, for she fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow, and she’d slept for fifteen straight hours. By the time she’d woken up again, it was a Saturday afternoon and the sun was beaming above, providing her with an ideal day to get back into her exercise regiment. Unfortunately, there was one small problem. She hadn’t had time to wash her clothes, and now she had no clean bras remaining. And the last thing she wanted while she was courting Peter was to draw unnecessary attention towards herself.

She looked around her home for something, anything she could use as a replacement. But all she could find was a few old T-shirts she’d worn the last time she’d redecorated her home. They certainly weren’t the right shape to use as a bra, and she didn’t want to pay out for another one. By then, she was desperate to get going, so, thinking quickly, she grabbed a roll of duct tape and strapped several pieces to the area of her tank top that concealed her breasts. She hoped it would work, even if it looked rather silly, and she set off, coiling her MP3 player onto her arm band. Blissfully unaware of the many glances she caught in her run, the warm air all around her brushed her fur, bringing back her memories of what it felt like to do this for the very first time. And what’s more, her breasts were staying in place...well, most of the time, at least. As she raced down the street in the next estate, even more creatures gave her odd looks, and someone even laughed aloud. Solutions, no matter how wacky they may have been, sometimes came from the most unlikely of places.

Taking the title from how my grandad described a female jogger he’d seen some years ago, now we have a picture that made me laugh the first time I saw it. Another of Saetia’s pieces, Jinx tries to prevent her breasts from jiggling when she finds she has no clean bras left – a little quick improvisation here, a little duct tape there. I can imagine how women of her frame must feel when this happens while jogging – it surely must be mortifying, although it depends on how you think of it. How does this work? About as well as you might expect, judging from the look from the creature across the street. xD

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