Fantastical Wilderness (Saetia) by BlueKittyTales

Fantastical Wilderness (Saetia)


11 August 2017 at 03:34:11 MDT

Reposted with kind permission from Saetia of FurAffinity. :3

August 25th 2013

Escapism was something that had been talked about in one aspect of Elizabeth’s medical training, and both inside and outside the profession, it had been shown that it could provide a significant benefit for one’s mind and well being. Indeed, these benefits were repeated time and again, although while it was talked about in North Triston’s society, she hadn’t seen very many take it seriously enough to put it into practice. She liked the chances that she got to venture into the world of her own making, whether it was induced by any outside sources or not, although she had to admit, she longed for the chance to be able to experience it with someone else by her side. Until then, however, she was content to do so alone, whatever it may have taken to achieve it.

In the rare times she got alone, she’d sometimes found herself without anything else to keep herself occupied, providing her with an ideal chance. She’d sat down on her sofa and flicked through the many channels on the television, only to find nothing at all that piqued her interest. Then it hit her without her being able to control it. All of a sudden, her mind began to wander, and before she realised it, she found herself in a different place altogether. In front of it was a sunset sky lit in shades of purple and amber, and above her were as many shooting stars as there were spots on her shoulders. The meadow she walked through was as endless as the night sky itself, vibrant like the many insects that made the grass underpaw rustle. All around her, crickets chirped in rhythm, while the stars that remained static formed intricate constellations she easily picked out. She soon found herself drawing shapes of her own into them, just as a butterfly landed on her shoulder. But it flew away again before she could call mental attention to the patternings on its wings.

This was a world she hoped was closer to her than she knew at that moment.

Now for another image from Saetia, this one showing Jinx in a place she calls her own paradise. Escape is something we all desire from our lives at some point, and that’s just what she manages to find here. What she doesn’t know is that someday, she will really get to go there. :3

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