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Solid Serenade (LadyVenomMyotismon) by BlueKittyTales

Solid Serenade (LadyVenomMyotismon)


July 5th, 2009

After so many years of hardship, it seemed like Belle's life was finally starting to go right. It was at these times that she wondered what her father would think of her if he were still alive. While she knew she could never have her father back, she had finally managed to find the man of her dreams in the form of Mikhail, and it had taken a long time for her to form the courage to talk to him, and eventually claim him all for herself. They had shared so much together, even though they had only been in each other's lives for a few months, and she knew from the very first moment that they realized how much they had in common that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. But she had not told him about what she had done in her past, and she hoped that the Yakuza would never get wind of it if she did, given they had paid her to remain silent about it once she had left to move to North Triston. Worse, she feared she could lose him if he ever found out.

She would not need to focus on this right now, however, for when she'd invited him into her home after a weekend away from their military training, she'd noticed he had brought his guitar with him.

"I thought you didn't play your guitar any more?" she asked him when he'd unzipped the case.

"I've been saving it for that special someone." smiled Mikhail. "And now that I've found her...this first sequence is for you, my love." And her heart began racing once he started playing, and with every note of the melody that reached her ears she found herself enthralled,

The third image made by LadyVenomMyotismon I bought amounts to what is still one of my favourite depictions of Sharp and Mikhail, and here we have one of their many tender moments. A former guitarist for a Death Metal band, Mikhail serenades Belle with the guitar he kept from his teenage years, and at this moment, neither of them could ask for any more than that. ^^

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    This piece has been nominated into Drako's Art Contest.

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      Go to LVM for that. She made this picture, not me. ^^;