Love's Tender Hold (ReokuKurosai) by BlueKittyTales

Love's Tender Hold (ReokuKurosai)


3 September 2015 at 16:01:44 MDT

May 28th, 2011

A couple in love was an unstoppable force, and the longer one remained in love, the harder it was to fracture the bond. Ron and Jackie had been through so much in their time together, from attempts on Ron's life by his own father to a robbery at the bookshop Jackie worked at the year before, and through their determination to shake off the animosity that had come their way, they had become closer as time had passed, and there was nothing that could take their bond away from them now.

Since first meeting at college in 2004, they had both been desperately in love, and they had never missed any opportunities to spend long nights in each other's arms. They had cherished any moment they could, and it wasn't long before they were married. Even when the feud between Ron and his family reached its boiling point the year after, this was not enough to break them apart. Truly, they were the loves of each other's lives, and they never wanted to be parted for as long as they lived.

Five years had passed since the day they got married, and their love was still as strong as it had always been. And every time they parted was painful for them, with each missing the other intensely. That Saturday afternoon would be the first time had two days off at the same time as each other, and their favourite restaurant, The King's Arms in Weron, called out to them like it was a pilgrimage of sorts. All it took was a short walk from their home, hand paws held the whole way, before they embraced outside of the restaurant just before they entered.

"You understand how much this fox loves you, Jackie?" sighed Ron.

"I do indeed, Ron." hummed Jackie. "And this kitsune loves you right back."

"The love of my life deserves something special," smiled Ron, "and I think we came here on the right day."

"Show me how special you think I am," grinned Jackie, "and I'll show you how special I think you are. Maybe they've got a discount on our favourites today."

"I think they do." replied Ron. And with that, the pair of them shared a blissful kiss, before they clutched hand paws and headed into the restaurant. This was already looking to be an incredible day for them.

Now we have a commission I purchased from my dear friend ReokuKurosai ReokuKurosai, showing Ron and Jackie in hsi beautiful lineless style. Sharing a kiss before a meal makes it that much better, as these two are discovering for themselves. I'm utterly delighted with the end result, and I will definitely buy from you again sometime. Thanks so much for the fantastic work, bro. <3

Both characters belong to me.

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