A Love Like Precious Metals (ReokuKurosai) by BlueKittyTales

A Love Like Precious Metals (ReokuKurosai)


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February 2nd, 2011

Boundaries were rare in the game of love, and rarer still was the breaking of the hold it had on the emotions that dwelled within two beings so passionately and desperately in love. A balance that always shifted in reaction to the changing tide of life had seen two skunks training in the same military base and with very different stories to their lives come together with hesitance, though that hesitance soon collapsed under the weight of the blossoming love that formed between them at a lighting fast pace. Conversations turned, fantasies were learned, predications came out into the open early on, but rather than ceasing their ingress, this only accelerated the advance of the loving relationship that formed faster than they had ever imagined it would.

Sharp and Mikhail looked like two rather ordinary skunks, but they knew that there was something so special between them. Dates that had passed and meetings that had gone by had cemented their bond, and Mikhail, who had been looking for a good counter to the French maid's outfit she'd surprised him with, had taken her home for something he knew she would adore - a screening of a romantic film she had always wanted to see, The Rose of Elisa's Heart.

The evening wore on, and the film served to please, and it wasn't only because of their shared love of romance films. Nothing, they felt, was better than doing their favourite things in each other's arms. It was the one thing that had been missing beforehand.

"Mickey," smiled Sharp as she lay in Mikhail's arms as Elisa saw off her sea captain lover, "I think I know where the sailor's going with this."

"I've got a good idea too, sweetie." simpered Mikhail. "And I think...there might be a clue right in this very room."

This picture gives me a good excuse to get back into writing, and I know my story isn't the best I've ever done this time around. ^^; Here we have another lovely image from my dear friend and treasured brother ReokuKurosai, showing a sweet scene with my skunk couple Sharp and Mikhail. There's nothing they treasure more than each other's company, although neither of them are about to let things end there. They're just too close for that. ^^

Original image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11434934/

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