Temptress Amongst Serpents (vashy_wings) by BlueKittyTales

Temptress Amongst Serpents (vashy_wings)


25 August 2015 at 13:48:03 MDT

June 21st, 2010

Bounds and limits did not exist in the world of love, and passion was always displayed in flagrance whether or not displacement was a key element. And in her high school years, nothing had quelled her desire to find love and companionship at any cost, even almost getting herself permanently excluded after a particularly messy attempt at pursuing one of her many interests. These were years that Ruth remembered well, partly due to it being far away from the highly dangerous Caesia, and it wasn't rare for them to come up in conversation.

Despite having found a willing partner and having married him in 1999, love had never abated, and the thrill of the chase still had a hold over her, particularly if somebody teased her with stripes down their backs, whether voluntarily or not. There was nothing quite like the aggressive pursuit of a love interest, though she was not a girl who took no for an answer, sometimes making it clear through the power of stink only a skunk could master and exercise. Even though her younger sister and her mother had not been near long enough to see it transpire, due to the latter being moved into the witness protection program and the former serving the Yakuza, all of her time hunting had proven to be worth every minute. But not for a moment did she ever consider herself a finished product.

Even during dates, she and her husband loved to be part of chases, whether as the pursuer or pursued. And that day, just after they left the city's Japanese restaurant, a fox who had a long white line painted down his back immediately ignited her desire.

"Ooh, wow...my petite skunk hunk!" she cooed, giving chase the moment the fox saw her.

For the very first time, I give you Sharp's older sister Ruth in this fantastic image by vashy_wings vashy_wings, widely known as the high school flirt in her teenage years. Bearing a strong likeness to their late father, she is generally seen as being quite different to Sharp in many ways, namely her far more outgoing nature and her stronger lust for love and adventure. Nothing knows ferocity like a skunk's love, as each victim is only too aware. ^_^

Original image: www.furaffinity.net/view/10235525/

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    Sounds fifi la fume familiar

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      That's who Ruth was based on. I won't deny it - I have a massive crush on Fifi, and wanted to put my own spin on how she's portrayed in the TTA cartoon shorts. <3

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        She is rather cute X3