A Tale of Two Felines (vashy_wings) by BlueKittyTales

A Tale of Two Felines (vashy_wings)


3 August 2015 at 15:44:59 MDT

Sharing the same society but taking two very different paths in their lives, the two catboys bumped into each other in one of Reoku's jobs. Wesley was not pleased to meet him when he caught him making off with some of his prized CDs, and a confrontation took place which resulted in Reoku losing his escape route. Wesley swiftly pinned him down, but after explaining his motivation behind why, his captor held enough heart to let him go without contacting the authorities, where the two hoped never to meet again. This would not be lived out for long, for they then bumped into one another at a holiday resort soon after, and Reoku was on hand to help Wesley when he broke his leg in the pool area.

Though the two don't get to meet often, with Reoku's thieving between the society in a majority of South Triston showing utmost contempt for non-human species, the two have formed a close friendship despite the misdeeds the two have carried through. Their species is a rarity in the southern half of the island, and most of the human population treat them with contempt, especially in the far southern regions. Society may treat them roughly, but Reoku and Wesley's bond has gone from strength to strength. Their lives may be solitary, but their world is not. Who knows where their adventures may take them next?

This beautifully crafted picture is a very special gift for who I think of as one of the most amazing friends I've ever known as long as I've lived, ReokuKurosai, which I bought him for having helped me through two separate crises in the space of only six weeks. Here we see his catboy Reoku and my catboy Wesley meeting and greeting each other, in much the same style that I'd likely do if I ever came to meet RK one day. Thank you so much for everything, brother. I could search the whole world through, and I'd never find another friend like you. cuddles you tenderly

This fantastic piece of art was drawn by the highly talented vashy_wings. This, by any other name, was worth every penny I paid for it. Thank you for this, VW!

Original image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4585011/

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