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MLP OC Bella Nota by BlueKazenate

MLP OC Bella Nota


6 February 2014 at 11:09:12 MST

Name- Bella Nota
Full grown mare

Cutie Mark- is that of a golden Music note with harp strings.

Specialty- Bella has the talent to change the atmosphere/moods when she sings whether it be happy and
quick or slow and soothing. Its also how she expresses her self the best but if you're looking for a 'mood setter'
and musical entertainment, Bella Nota is your mare.

Personality- Bella is very calm and soft spoken pony, very kind and all around a pleasant pony to know and be around.
Though she gets shy in crowding situations in which shes forced to speak, but give her the opportunity to sing and
she becomes a very confident mare. Often times she can be rather absent minded, humming or singing to herself as
her day goes by despite whom may be around her.


Bella Nota/Art(c) ME


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    love the combination of colors =D, looks stunning with the shading as well!