No Escape [Dream interpretation visualized] by BlueHasia

No Escape [Dream interpretation visualized]


9 September 2015 at 08:30:34 MDT

for all who want to know the story to this. ever since i was a child or as long as i can remember to my first memories of life. i have had these dreams a few times a year even before i knew what a dragon was. i have had these dreams of always fleeing from a unknown evil thing that wants to kill me for being a dragon and all i can do is flee from it. To face this thing head on would be like a ant trying to stop a steam roller. All the dreams are mostly the same, though i never really see myself I know I am a dragon in the dream but what i really look like is unknown. these dreams feel more like past memories than anything and again on those saying to stop and face it. its saying the same thing like trying to change events that have already taken place because in the end i know what ever this is does get me as in some of the dreams i have died

Thanks Oui, came out great. A great representation of my dreams i have


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