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Hello my fellow Weasyl friends. ^^

I just found out about this great website yesterday and that's why I'm still working on my profile page and gallery. I'm already active for many years now on Deviant Art, so if you wanna join me there, you are very welcome to do so.

I'm an digital artist and I love to draw dragons and want to spread my art and have a new start here. I really got interested, because of the emphasis on art critique and the friendly community. In my opinion it really supports the artist to improve even more.
I'm really excited to see how everything will develop.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You're always welcome to talk to me.

Latest Journal

Commission Information

For better overview check my Website...

...or my Deviantart

Chibis: 20€ or 23 USD

additional character: 5€ (6 USD)

small props, pets, toys etc. are free

Floating/Animated Character: 25€ or 28USD

Drawing w/o background 35€ or 39USD
See link to watch pictures of that category

Detailed character +simple background 45€ or 51USD

additional character: 20€ (23 USD)

What makes a background simple:
mainly clouds and sky
less detail

Digital drawing +detailed background 60€ or 68USD

Additional character: 20€ (23USD)

What makes the whole drawing detailed:
high detailed character(s) (fur, scales etc.)
high detailed background (forests, fantasy worlds, water, small details)
more realistic

Sculptures: 50€ -70€ (56USD-79USD)

Shipping/delivery costs are not included and may vary (worldwide shipping from Germany)

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the character and his details

Payment Details:

Do not send money before you know I have accepted your commission and I will not start work until payment is made.
I accept payments through PayPal only. Prices are in € (EURO)
INCLUDE your dA name in the paypal, please.

If you cancel a commission with me and work has been started, I will provide said work at its current stage of completion with no refund. When you commission me, you are not only paying for a product but also to be placed into my schedule.

I will issue a full refund if I cancel your commission.

What I will draw:

If something of your interest is not listed below, you can always ask me if I’ll draw a certain subject or not.





Fanart (MLP, Digimon, Pokémon etc.)

Adult topics acceptable if not disrespectful


Humans (will do in the future)

Explicit sexual themes

Mechanical and robotics


I reserve the right to decline or cancel any commission for any reason.

I retain the rights as the original author of your commission. I may display the final product, drafts, and concepts included in the process of creating your commission as examples of my work in personal galleries including Weasyl. I will credit you as my commissioner and author of characters (where applicable) unless privacy is requested.

Total cost of a commission piece is based on the description of your needs. They are basic prices and may vary depending on the level of complexity you wish to have in the picture.

Your completed commission is completely yours to build upon, alter, change, etc., but you can NOT resell art you buy from me in any way. Copyrights and ownership of the drawing remain to me. You can reupload the pictures on websites, but you have to link back to me as the original artist of the artwork.

Further information:

Your commission picture won't have a watersign. I can add my signature if requested.

I put as much effort into commissions as into my personal work. Means that I spent a lot of time working on it. Depending on what you commissioned it may take 1-2 weeks (Chibi to Charas w/o background) to one month (detailed full pictures).

If you have any further questions you can ask me per note or comment.

Thanks for your interest!

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    Thanks for the follow! You have nice and pretty style ^^

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      You are very welcome. Your art is really beautiful.
      Thank you very much. :D

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    Thanks for the follow! :>

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    Thankies so much for the fav ^^

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      You are very welcome! :D The picture is really adorable!